Loto: A historic jackpot of more than 3 billion and 50 million centimes

The biggest jackpot in Moroccan Loto history was won on Monday, March 29. The lucky winner will be able to pocket the record jackpot of 30,511,227 dirhams, or more than 3 billion and 50 million centimes. The winning ticket was validated in the town of El Aroui, near Nador. The personal data of the winner, whose identity cannot be revealed without his consent, is strictly protected by the provisions of law 09.08. Last January, the National Lottery Management Company (SGLN), announced the stake of the record sum of 21 million dirhams, the largest jackpot in its history at this time.
However, for nine weeks, for lack of a winner, the jackpot in play had not stopped climbing, and the suspense continued with each draw, until a lucky winner was announced.
Since the game was introduced in 1978, he is the 210th big jackpot winner and the 33rd penny billionaire. The Loto draw offers a one in 13,983,816 chance of winning the jackpot. For this draw, 52,247 coupons were played and the winning combination was: 29 -10 – 32 – 36 – 15 – 2.

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